Tassat Canopy

The Tassat is a simple to install outdoor canopy can be installed in 1 day and is available in a wide range of readily available sizes. It’s one of our most versatile canopies and flexible enough to meet the specific needs of each customer. Whether it’s used as a carport for car protection or for a patio cover, The Tassat offers superior protection to anything below.

This outdoor canopy comes in a choice of white or anthracite grey colours and can be lean-to or free-standing. The posts act as downpipes for the integral guttering and are made from powder-coated structural aluminium metalwork – this protects against rust and corrosion meaning lower maintenance.

TYPHOON’s Tassat Canopy Key Features:

  • Projects up to 4m
  • Standard Widths up to 9.2m
  • Roof Pitch between 5 and 20 Degrees
  • Up to 3m Between Supporting Posts
  • Powder Coated Structural Aluminium Metalwork
  • 16mm Polycarbonate Roof Panels (Clear, Bronze or Opal)
  • 10 Year Guarantee
  • Installation in 1 Day
  • Extremeley Robust and Stable
  • Integral Eaves/Gutter
  • Supporting Post(s) act as Downpipe
  • Built-In Gutter System
  • Integrated Downpipe
  • Cut to Size for Self Assembly

STORMPort Canopy.

Self Supporting White Canopy with 16mm Clear Polycarbonate Glazing. Available in a range of sizes.

What is STORMport?

STORMport is a 16mm white self-supporting canopy/carport that is available in a selection of sizes and arrives with the customer as a complete kit with instructions to make installation easy resulting in a neat and versatile finish.

What is STORMport used for?

STORMport can be used in schools, hospitals, smoking shelters, commercial buildings, boathouses and carports.

What is the best thing STORMport?

Protecting vehicles and equipment from weather and reviving walkway and shelter.

Why use STORMport?

STORMport is a versatile product, easy to install, available from stock, is supplied as a complete kit and is available in an extensive range of sizes.

Who commonly uses this STORMport? 

Window companies, home improvement companies, plastic distributors, builders, DIY.

Where is STORMport most commonly installed?

STORMports are most commonly installed as a canopy in schools.

When should STORMport be considered? When should it be installed?

Due to its versatility, STORMport can be installed anytime and practically anywhere as long as there is a solid wall to fix against.

KCR Canopy

The KCR is a Modern Black Cantilever Carport with Legs of One Side and Built-In Gutter.

5100mm x 2700mm projection.

TYPHOON’s KCR Canopy’s Key Features are:

  • Aluminium Frame with Unique Coating for Extra Durability
  • East of Maintenance
  • 2mm Solid Polycarbonate Glazing Material
  • Built-In Gutter
  • Easy to Assemble